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Welcome to my website! Thank you for visiting me today!

Why Defiant Health? As you can tell, I am a rather strong personality who doesn't like to follow the crowd, but to blaze new trails. It occurred to me that to be healthy, in great physical fitness, and free of sickness and disease, requires each of us to stand up for ourselves and to defy the forces that work against us. Therefore, Defiant Health was born.

I love the quote "Well-behaved women rarely change history." Well, that goes for the guys too. The geniuses that we look up to today for their monumental contributions to society were often regarded as crazy and were persecuted in their own time by those who were fighting to keep them down and preserve the status quo. So it's time to quit being well-behaved! Change YOUR history now!

Defy the status quo - Defy Aging, Defy Sickness, Defy Disease, Defy Big Pharma and their poisons, Defy the Fast Food mentality! Above all, Defy all your friends and family who are on the Standard American Diet (SAD) of processed food, sugar, alcohol, caffeine, and chemicals, and want to keep you down in the depths of sickness and disease with them! Don't let these things bring you down. Stand up for yourself and your health! Shake things up. Turn your world upside down. Raise a ruckus. Be fit, be healthy, be sexy, and by all means - MISBEHAVE!

I am so honored that you are taking the time to visit my site today, and my goal is to provide you with excellent information, tips, recipes, and motivation that you can use to live your life to the fullest, enjoying vibrant health and wellness. Please come back and visit often, as this site is in its infancy and I am constantly working on it and adding content. Please join Team Defiance by clicking on the link to the upper right and receiving updates when new content is added.